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For an English version of my article on the nuclear demolition of the World Trade Center click here ; for a Russian version of the same article click here ; for the Polish one – here ; for the Arabic – here ; for the German – here ; and for the Thai – here. All download links for the full edition of my book (so far available only in English) are below, on this page.

URGENT address of Dimitri Khalezov (May 31, 2015):





I was released from the Thai prison and, after hiding for almost three months from the Thai cops, am now back to public life!


Below you can always see my current status (whether I am still alive and free, or dead, or disappeared, or arrested again); my friends will take care of updating this status.


Dimitri is now:




Please, monitor the status above, it could change at any moment!


I also plan to upload every 10 days a video of myself confirming that I am still alive and free. These videos will be uploaded to a dedicated YouTube channel, which is:




and, in addition to it, a copy of the latest such video will always be available in a zip-archive that you could download from the fixed download address (the videos inside the zip-archive will change every 10 days, but the download link will remain the same):




Should my "latest" available video in the above zip-archive and in the abovementioned YouTube channel become older than 12 (twelve) days, it should serve as a signal that something is wrong with me and people who are in charge of my retaliation must act.



Here is my latest video address on YouTube:










And here is my latest written address:




My dear friends and supporters!



I am glad to inform you that I was recently released from the Thai prison and am now free. However, my freedom is a bit "conditional". The Thais could throw me back to the prison under any pretext, or, worse, they could throw me into their immigration prison, where I could spend the rest of my life, because I am a so-called "stateless person" and can not be deported anywhere, while the Thai immigration prison serves the Thai authorities and their U.S. masters as the de-facto and de-jure concentration camp.


As you probably remember, I prepared my original ‘retaliatory archives’ (numbers 1, 2, 3, and 4) a long time ago and they supposed to be used to punish the Thais for throwing me into their prison or for killing or "suiciding" me, as well as for any attempt to deport or to extradite me.


In May 2014, Thai security officials stole some important legal documents from my case-file in their supreme court (it was the old case dragging on from 2003, which was jointly instigated against me by the Israelis, Americans, and by their Thai flunkies; the actual setup was organized by Mike Harari, acting under aliases of "Doctor Haji Mohammed Husseini"). Once the Thais stole the said documents from the case-file, they created a situation where I could be thrown into their prison once again (as if it was not enough for them that I spent more than one year in their jail in 2003-2004). And indeed it happened. I was sent to their prison for one year in May 1, 2014.


My friends, who held the passwords to the original archives, were supposed to release them as a punishment for the Thais. However, these friends of mine were not tough and determined enough to do the job (the thing to be revealed was too bad and too dangerous for both – the state of Thailand and for my life, because presumably the Thais would kill me for revealing such a thing). In addition to this, the Freemasons managed to plant on me (as well as on my friends) several of their operatives in disguise of "new good friends" and these "new good friends" did their best to thwart the job and thus saved the Thais from the due punishment.


After long deliberations, the archive No.3 was eventually opened, but its contents were distributed quite slowly and half-heartedly, so that their distribution did not cause much damage to the Thais (far less than it was designed by me). It scared them, though – to the extent that the Thai security officials sought help and protection from their Israeli- and American masters and the latter planted quite a few of their spies inside the place where I used to be imprisoned; that is not to mention that the Thais planted their own spies too – trying to sniff out my intentions).


Since the passwords to the archive No.3 were not actually revealed, but its opened contents were rather distributed, not too many people from among those who originally downloaded the retaliatory archives of mine got acquainted with the materials either.


This failure was very bad to my reputation. At the very minimum, it caused me to lose face (before that I was known as the "man who always does what he promises", but due to the failure to release the promised passwords some people might start doubting it now). In addition, it might get many of my sincere friends and supporters annoyed (due to their expectation to get the passwords was in vane) and so cause them to lose interest in me and in my efforts whatsoever.


Actually, I lost quite a few of my former close friends and sincere supporters, who stopped contacting me, or "distanced" themselves from me, or became otherwise "cold" when communicating with me. That is how much that imprisonment cost me.


On the other hand, the failure of my friends to distribute the passwords back in 2014 could be considered as good luck for me. Because after their distribution, the Thais would probably kill me – because the damage I would cause to them would be unacceptable and also irreparable. But now I am still alive, thanks God.


Moreover, some people from among those who saw the original contents of the archive No.3 (some limited number of people got the passwords to it, still) claimed that the way I presented the things there was supposedly "not convincing".


Well. I learned from my mistakes. Therefore, once I was released from the prison and got my freedom (I omit here the exact details how I actually got my freedom for security reasons), I hid from everyone in a very secure location, turned off all my mobile phones, cut all my communications via e-mail, so that no cop could trace me, and spent the next two months for diligently reviewing my own retaliation materials and compiling them in a way that is "more than convincing".


As a result, now I have three new archives No.3. Now they are called "3a", "3b" and "3c". Each of them would be enough to destroy the government of the Kingdom of Thailand for sure (and, perhaps, even the Kingdom of Thailand itself, in addition to its government).


It is no longer a "threat to the national security" as used to be the case with my former retaliatory archive No.3 – now it is the "death to the national security" of the Kingdom Thailand.


The password release procedure now is made more efficient either. Should I disappear, or be killed, or die, or "commit suicide", or lose my freedom in any manner for longer than 3 days, quite a few people around the world would release all the passwords to my new archives at once. The situation of May-June 2014 would not be repeated.


Therefore, I ask all my friends and supporters. Please, forgive me for what happened in 2014. Do not forget that I personally had little to do with it. I was helpless inside the Thai prison without any communication with the outside world, surrounded by the spies planted on me, and the actual job was not done by me, but by my friends, some of whom too came under a direct attack by the Freemasonic agents, who tried to thwart my retaliation program and so to save the Thais. So, please, help me by participating in my security program again. Please, download and keep my new archives and watch for the development – if the passwords are published (and this time they would, should anything wrong done to me by the Thais), get them, open the archives and retaliate for me by distributing and promoting their contents.


Just to make sure that there will be no more jokes with the publication of the passwords, I have already shot a video where I revealed the passwords right away and this video is ready to be uploaded to YouTube. My friends will upload it at once in case I am killed, or "suicided", or disappeared, or simply arrested for whatever reason.


So, here there will be my posthumous video address where I will reveal the passwords (the exact YouTube link is not known yet, of course, because the video has not been uploaded yet - I am still alive and free for the time being):





VIDEO - Dimitri reveals passwords to his retaliatory archives:





And here is the space for the actual passwords. They will be published right on this page in case something wrong happens with me. Each of the three passwords is equally valid for the following encrypted files (each of them is encrypted three times over):

dimitri_khalezov_retaliation_3a.zip ,   dimitri_khalezov_retaliation_3b.zip ,   and   dimitri_khalezov_retaliation_3c.zip  

outer zip-archive password:           


inner self-extracting archive password:


2nd inner encrypted file's key:


use an included Secret 1.0 program with 'Blowfish' method and above key to decrypt the file (you will find the Secret 1.0 program when you decrypt the inner SFX archive on the step 2)


These three passwords are enough to decrypt the entire contents of the three new retaliatory archives of mine.


4th additional password required to decrypt an instruction file inside the archive 3a:



And here there will be my posthumous video address where I will reveal the actual information that will, hopefully, damage the Kingdom of Thailand beyond repair - the very video that is available inside the encrypted archive No. 3b (the exact YouTube link is not known yet, of course, because the video was not uploaded yet - I am still alive and free; the video will be uploaded simultaneously with the revelation of the passwords to the archives):





VIDEO - Dimitri explains about YYYYYYYY who is YYYYYYY:





In addition, here there will be a direct link to a new website (which is ready by now and is only waiting for my disappearance, for my death, or for my arrest to be uploaded at once to a hosting that is ready too). Contents of this web site will reflect the information available inside my retaliatory archive No. 3a:





That is to confirm that there will be no more jokes and hesitation. The lessons were learned.


Now it is the time to learn the lessons to the actual offenders.


The only problem is that by the time they would learn their lesson, it would be just too late to have any practical use of the learning. Because these "x", "y", and "z" will most probably be the last letters in the history of the state of the Kingdom of Thailand.


For the meantime, however, I sincerely ask EVERYONE who might have hold of the materials from the old archive No.3 of mine:


Since now I am no longer in prison, you don’t have to display that information on the Internet. It no longer helps me, but rather damages my position and endangers my life and my freedom.


Please, REMOVE as soon as you can ALL that information and ALL TRACES of it from anywhere in the Internet and DO NOT publish it again until the time I am really killed, thrown into the prison, or disappeared (in that case you would get the passwords to the new archives where the info is presented in a much better way).


I request that you not only abstain from publishing any info from my former retaliatory archive No.3 (in case you got that info in one way or another), but even abstain from discussing it in any manner in a form of comments on the Internet – be it under my YouTube videos, or under my 9/11-related articles, or anywhere else.


I repeat one more time – this information was originally intended to DESTROY the government of the Kingdom of Thailand and to worsen the security of the Thai state to the extent of endangering the very existence of the Thai state by possibly causing a civil war in this country; nothing less that that. That is how sensitive the information really is. Of course, it was so prepared by me to duly retaliate against the Thais for my possible death or for my possible imprisonment. But now, as I am no longer in prison, no such information shall be distributed or even discussed, because it unnecessarily endangers my life and gravely worsens my position in dealing with the Thai authorities.


Please, pay a serious attention to my request! If you know this info, please, keep it strictly to yourself. Do not enlarge the circle of those "initiated".


Anyway, since my freedom and my life are still in danger, I have no choice than to stick to my previous method of keeping the Thais in check (unfortunately, despite their level of development and even their level of education they remain the "third world" and as such they do not understand the diplomatic language, but only the language of force). That is exactly why I prepared the new retaliatory archives (that for sure would do a much better job than my former archive No.3) and I sincerely request you to download and keep them and so to help me to protect my freedom and my life.


All download links are here, and also here, or here.



Please, accept my apologies for any inconvenience caused and my thanks for your help and support, for you patience, and for your participating in my ‘security program’.

Sincerely yours,




May 31, 2015.



P.S. Please, also look at updates in my contact information and also read my updated request for donations below. I am in quite a desperate financial situation now :(


There is another thing I need your help with. Shortly before I was thrown to the Thai prison in May 2014, I finished translating into Arabic language my article on the nuclear demolition of the World Trade Center (an English version of the same article is here ). I created a dedicated web page for that Arabic translation and made an initial "advertising" of it among some Arabs I knew. Almost immediately after that I lost my freedom. By that moment, this new Arabic 911thology website was visited by almost 1000 people – that digit was obtained in a couple of days only. Considering the rate of visiting, I sincerely expected that the digit would grow to a few hundred thousand, or, perhaps, even to a few millions in only a couple of months.


It was wrong. Once I was released from the prison, I discovered, much to my horror, that during the whole year the digit "almost 1000" grew by merely another half thousand. As of now, the number of visitors remains ridiculously low - 1532.


It is especially strange, because the Arabs must be one of the first people interested in the truth about 9/11. I suspect that the Freemasons somehow blocked this information in the Arab-speaking world, because to think otherwise would be a sin against logic. So, now I need your help in promoting this information among the Arabs. Please, help me with it! It is serious. Here are the links for the web-page and also for downloading files with the Arabic content used on that page (you can create your own pages with this content – it is completely copyright free, or promote the page created by me):







Thank you for helping me with this!


And now, please, read this (it is even more serious):


THE FULL EDITION OF MY BOOK on 9/11thology called "The Third Truth about 9/11" is READY NOW!


Nuclear demolition of the World Trade Center explained there in more detail than it used to be, with a lot of newly discovered evidence added. Other 9/11 aspects such as the Pentagon missile attack, shooting down of Flight 93, Anthrax letters, mini-nukes' "car"-bombings, as well as the 9/11 cover-up, shilling, and falsifying English dictionaries are addressed too. This time I made it into a real encyclopedia of 9/11 and that of nuclear terrorism in general.


If you wish to see some readers opinions, click here.



However, before you proceed to the download links, I would like you to read the following urgent address of mine, published five days prior to New Year celebrations (26 of December 2013 / updated on 29 of May 2015):




Dear readers of my 9/11thology book and readers to be.



I am sorry to inform you that since I made the full version of my book available for free download at the end of August, 2013, it was downloaded by more than 20000 (twenty thousand) people, at least a third of whom, according to my estimation, must have read this book. P.S. it was said back in 2013, but nothing changed….


However, despite the book was not actually "free", but merely "free to download", and this was stated clearly in its text, only a very few people have appreciated this step of mine.


During 4 (four) months that passed since, merely 20 people have paid for my book in one way or another. P.S. one and a half year has passed since, but I could add no more than another 20 people who paid for it…


Moreover, out of these 20, about a third were old friends of mine and people who used to donate even before downloading the book.


That is to say that the level of appreciation of my work was incredibly, ridiculously low - below 0.01%.


P.S. I believe that with one and a half year passed since then, the said digit became even lower than 0.01%...


To be honest with you, even before that I knew that people were ungrateful in general, but I did not expect that awful digit of grateful people to be only 0.01%. At the worst case I was hoping that every fifth reader would appreciate it, or, at least - may be every tenth reader...


Look, folks, 0.01% is just a ridicule.


Are you so poor that you can't afford paying a few bucks for the book that opens your eyes in regard to the most important perpetration of the 21st century, which is the 9/11 affair? The affair that will shape the whole century?


Well, I do believe that there are people who are poor like that (perhaps, somewhere in Darfur or in East Timor), but not in the capitalist West where everyone has a salary of at minimum several hundreds USD, but usually - a couple of thousands USD or more.


I would like to remind you that in the West a lunch costs a few bucks, yet no person usually misses his or her lunch on account of being "too poor". Everyone has his lunch 365 times a year, irrespectively of whether his is "poor" or not and irrespectively of whether he is "in debt" or not. Even those who are in debt always manage to find those few bucks to increase their debt and so - they pay for their daily lunch. Do you agree with this observation?


The book I am talking about is well over a thousand pages, and, with additional materials, it runs to almost a thousand and a half. To read it will take a few weeks of continuous reading, or a few months of casual reading.


So, that means those who read it, managed to find a lot of time to read it.


But why they don't find just another couple of working hours making a few bucks for me, its author, and why don't they find yet another hour - to find the way to transfer these few bucks for me?


Don't you realize, folks, that my book was created during working hours of mine and I would like to have some cash for it - exactly like you do while working during the working hours of yours?


As I mentioned in the text of the book, I did not set the price - I left it entirely up to its reader. If you feel that my book costs merely 2 dollars - just send me these 2 dollars. If you feel it costs more - send me more. But a few bucks are what I really expect from every reader - just as would any other author expect for his or her book. Even if you are very poor and even if you are in debt - you could easily sacrifice a couple of lunches in order to express your gratitude for the material that requires a few weeks to read (have you ever heard of "fasting"? - it will also make you healthier in the process of expressing your gratitude :)


I would like to remind you that I am not greedy. I am sure that "naked man comes into This world and naked he will depart". I duly realize that I am a mortal. However, as any other mortal in This life, I need some funds to pay for my food and living expenses (not to mention that I would like to have some extra funds to continue my research and to create more books, as well as to translate this book to other languages). Note that I have no salary, no pension pending my old age, no professional job, just nothing. I am a poor foreigner who lives in Thailand where foreigners are not allowed to do any unskilled work. That is why I can not work as a construction worker or as a dish-washer. I have no income whatsoever, except from donations and from payments for my book.


My financial situation is so desperate, that if not a couple of old good friends of mine who sent me money this time, I would not be able to survive these three months and by the New Year 2014 I would become a street beggar, while all my web sites, including this one, would disappear (have you ever heard that to host a web site also costs something?)


Do you realize it, my dear readers? I published the most explosive book of the 21 century that was, moreover, downloaded by over 20 thousand of eager readers, and yet, I was almost kicked out of my room (I do not rent an "apartment", but merely a "room"; I can not afford anything bigger) because of not being able to pay for it. Do you find this situation normal, my dear "grateful" readers?


P.S. now my financial situation is even worse because I spent almost one year in Thai prison and this affair cost me my last money. Now I am out but I have no money to survive AT ALL. In only one month from now I have to urgently pay for all my domains and for web hosting services; otherwise I will lose all my web sites (including those with download links for my book) for good. That is not to mention that I will be kicked out of my room before that because I can not afford paying the rental.


I actually was surprised that only a couple of people donated anything while I stayed in prison, despite near all my friends and supporters, as well as readers of my book were informed that a certain "Dimitri Khalezov" was thrown into the most comfortable Thai prison and might need some financial help just to buy some decent food and other basic necessities (nothing if provided for free in Thai prisons, not even a mattress – if you came to the Thai prison without money for the rest of your prison sentence you will sleep on the bare floor like a dog). That is not to mention that I scarcely afforded to pay rental of my room while in prison, because otherwise I would lose all my earthly possessions, in addition to losing my freedom.


Well. I do not like to complain, but I do not like the way I was treated. I was sincerely expecting some help just because I was in prison. This is not to mention that I was sincerely expecting that at least some readers of my book will pay for it (especially after learning that the author was in jail and in a desperate financial situation). Nothing of my expectations came true… May be I am too naïve…


Anyway, below you could see all means you can use to send me the payment for the book (or to donate if you wish to donate).


There is my personal bank account in one of Thai banks in Bangkok, so you could use a standard international money transfer;


There is a way to send me a check of a foreign bank (in any currency) by a snail-mail or by a courier;

There is a way to send me cash via Western-Union system;


Moreover, you can also use the Western Union to send money not to me personally, but to my bank account (it is possible now from many countries, at least from Australia and from the United States – see, for example, details here: http://www.westernunion.com/send-money-online );


There is a way to send me funds via WebMoney (electronic money);


There is a way to send me funds via Bitcoin (electronic money);


At the worst case, you can send me money via PayPal (does not work right now, because these folks again blocked my PayPal account; moreover, boldly stating that it was so done because of my new book on 9/11);


Finally, if nothing of the above works for you, and yet you wish to donate, please, contact me personally and we will figure out the solution.


All details regarding to these modes of payment are listed here


Sincerely yours,


Dimitri Khalezov.



26 of December 2013 (updated 29 of May 2015).




Finally, here are the promised download links for the full edition of my book (which I will most probably remove soon, because I do not like the way of getting paid for it):







All files in the abovementioned archive are PGP-signed. If you need my PGP key for the signature's verification; here is it:



PLEASE, ALSO DOWNLOAD AND RE-DISTRIBUTE THIS ADDITIONAL ARCHIVE WITH THE BIGGEST COLLECTION of genuine definitions of "ground zero" in tons of pre-9/11 English dictionaries:









My former urgent address is available on YouTube:   




I would like to apologize for my disappearance from public view, but now I am back. Thanks to God, I am still alive. Unlike my friend Mr. Vadim Alexandrovski who helped me to compile my 9/11 research and who was recently murdered in Bangkok - apparently for his help in obtaining the confirmation about the "Granit" missile that hit the Pentagon.


However, I urgently need your help. It seems I am in trouble now.


Please, download, keep secure and redistribute as widely as possible these encrypted zip-archives:


(NOTE: with the change of the situation as of May 2015, the former retaliatory archives of mine numbers 1 and 2 have no more sense, so there is no need to even download them; the archive No.3 was superseded by three newer archives - 3a, 3b, and 3c. So there is no point to download the archive No.3 either - download, instead, the archives 3a, 3b, and 3c, please. However, the archive No.4 still has some value - get it too, if you haven't gotten it yet back in 2012, and keep):


·  dimitri_khalezov_retaliation_4.zip

·  dimitri_khalezov_retaliation_4.zip.sig

·  dimitri_khalezov_retaliation_4_[checksums_&_info].txt

·  dimitri_khalezov_retaliation_PGP_key_for-verification.asc


As I have mentioned above, the download links to the new retaliatory archives 3a, 3b, and 3c, as well as their checksums, are all here, and also here, or here.


These encrypted files contain highly sensitive information that is extremely damaging to the security of the Kingdom of Thailand where I currently live. This information is securely encrypted (there is no way to break the cipher or to guess out passwords to it) but if anything wrong happens with me - such if I am arrested by the Thai police, or deported, or extradited, or killed, or disappear, my friends will publish passwords in retaliation. By downloading, keeping and redistributing these zip-archives you help me to stay alive and at freedom.


Thank you.


Alternatively, the same archives could be found on www.911-truth.net web site. Note, however, that at least German police was known to block access to my web sites (police of some other slave-owning states might follow suit). In this case use some proxy-services to access my web sites. 


Please, use checksums (and if you can - also PGP signature verification) to verify the integrity of the downloaded zip-files and also in order to prevent this files being hacked and replaced with some fake ones.


I need to ask you for your help once more: PLEASE, DONATE!


I need your financial support. I have no money and I urgently need some to settle my problems as well as to continue with my work (in fact, I could only exist on your donations, because I do not earn anything for the last 11 years at least - all my time I spend either on fighting police and secret services, or for compiling 9/11 evidence). Your kind donations therefore will be highly appreciated.


On this page you can find my banking details and some other ways to donate: 


donations details


And yet, I need some other kind of help from you: PLEASE, HELP ME TO FIND THESE DICTIONARIES! (you can see details of what I am looking for on my videos on YouTube - split into two parts):


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mBQuoPi_grw  (first half)


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6jPW3E0JBz4   (second half)



My current contact details could be found on this page: CLICK HERE


Thank you for your kind help and support.


This web site and forum on it will be restored soon. For the mean time you can find all my files uploaded for public use on this web site: www.911-truth.net  (note that police from your country might block direct access to this web site and in this case, please, use some proxy-service such as the well-known Tor or its very good portable variety Advanced Onion Router, or this less-known, but very nice service: http://hidemyass.com/youtube-proxy/  to access it).






Beware of impostors!


A person, who introduces himself as me on http://agent.mail.ru  is an IMPOSTOR ! 


You have been warned.


In order to prevent hijacking of my identity by shills and ill-wishers I was obliged to show my genuine contact details on this video on YouTube:






Sincerely yours,


Dimitri Khalezov.



For an English version of my article on the nuclear demolition of the World Trade Center click here ; for a Russian version of the same article click here ; for the Polish one – here ; for the Arabic – here ; for the German – here ; and for the Thai – here. All download links for the full edition of my book (so far available only in English) are below, on this page.





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